Handguns + People = Disaster


Here’s the link to the article about a little girl who somehow managed to shoot herself with a loaded handgun and died.  Yes, she died.

Of course, the usual questions come to mind: What was she doing with the gun?  Why was it loaded?  Why wasn’t it put away?  The father is a sheriff’s deputy and so you would think that he would know better than to allow a child to somehow manage to get her hands on a gun?  I think I touched on the same questions before in my post: Why I Think Some People Should Not Procreate.

I mean, come on!  The dad is a sheriff’s deputy and he had a gunsafe.  So, what was is doing out?  Loaded?  I guess some people really have not common sense when they get older.  Maybe I’m just being a little silly, but these days, you can load a gun pretty easily so there’s really no need to fuss with loading a gun, right?  So what was it doing sitting around, loaded?

Well… I don’t think you can help some people.  I feel sorry for the parents of the little girl.  But should they be blamed?  Should parents be held responsible for these accidents?  Shouldn’t the parents have been “hawking” the 3 year old?  I know I would… put a leash on her if you have to.  Just make sure you know what she’s up to… kids shouldn’t have any kind of privacy until they move out… :)

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  1. I don’t have anything against guns. But I do have serious problems with people not watching their kids. What a shame.

  2. Yeah, horrible story.


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