More Mouths to Feed… Coming Right Up

ChoCho, one of the girls.
Sake (the black and white kitty) and Indy

It’s hard being a parent.. even a pet parent.  We had lost Rocky last month (she was 19 years old) and so it’s been pretty quiet without any kitty noises in the house.

Then we found out that Izzy, our outside kitty, who adopted us a few months ago is a daddy.  He got a neighbor’s cat pregnant and now has three beautiful little kittens (2 girls and a boy).   We decided to take the two girls in when they are ready and have already picked out names:  ChoCho and Sake.

We haven’t thought about taking the boy.. but he’s slowly growing on me.  They are all so cute!  Plus, we have Izzy who comes in and goes out each day as well.  So, it looks like we have a lot of mouths to feed, especially since we still have our pups too!

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy household there with all those furry friends.

  2. Yes… more furry friends.. but they are all great to have around. Pets make good therapy.. and in this day and age, we can use all the therapy we can get!


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