Has Bon Jovi Become Too Preachy?

My husband and I recently attended the Bon Jovi concert in Sacramento at the Arco Arena.  We had seen the Lost Highway tour in San Jose in 2008 and so we were equally excited that they were coming to Sacramento, where we had just moved, especially since (according to Jon Bon Jovi, they had not played in Sacramento since their Bounce tour about 6 years ago).

The set list can be found here.  I was actually surprised that I recognized a lot of his songs.  I had listened to him when I was growing up — Livin’ on a Prayer, Never Say Goodbye.. but I really hadn’t discovered his music until recently… when my husband kept asking me to listen to more of his music.  So, I found Have a Nice Day, Bounce, It’s My Life, Runaway, all of which I love!

But, I have noticed that his latest album has a few songs that seem to reach out to the common man.  That’s fine.  But I’m wondering if he is trying to connect too hard with the common man that he’s forgotten that we love Bon Jovi for the Rock’n’Roll!  We loved Bad Medicine and You Give Love a Bad Name… and those songs were not trying to connect to regular people at all.  There are some songs from The Circle that I happen to love, such as Superman Tonight and Bullet (which they did not perform).

But there was a song that seemed a bit “churchie” with their Hallelujahs.  If I wanted Hallellujahs, I would go to church.  Okay, this is one of the reasons I don’t go to church, other than the fact that I find organized religion a bit hypocritical… but that is a whole other post.  Then, there was the We Weren’t Born to Follow, which in itself is not preachy, but it does sort of push people to be themselves and stand up for themselves.  Work for the Working Man is the one song that I could not listen to.  That song is one song on The Circle, that I wish they had left out.  It reaches out to the common man, trying to convince them that they understand what regular people go through.  I just could not stand the song.  Period.  Sorry, Jon.  Love you and the band, but can you please go back to your roots?  Stop telling us to love each other.  We already know we should.  Sing how you love your friends.  Your life.

It’s your life, afterall.  And we love hearing about it in your songs!

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